Granite or Soapstone? What’s the Difference?

Granite vs Soapstone Countertops

So, you are considering new countertops and are torn between granite and soapstone. Here are details on each stone to give you a better understanding of what to expect as you select your countertop material.

First, soapstone and granite are natural stone materials that have been used in homes and buildings throughout history. In the past few hundred years, these natural stones have seen plenty of use as countertop material. Both are great choices. Read on to know a little bit more about each.


Both soapstone and granite are highly heat resistant and stand up well against most harsh chemicals. Granite, one of the hardest types of natural stone, is scratch resistant but not impervious to damage. Scratches in granite must be honed and polished out, chips must be filled in, and cracks repaired by a professional stone restoration contractor. Soapstone is soft and easy to scratch, but scratches in soapstone can be removed with light sanding and mineral oil. While soapstone tends to dent more than it chips or cracks, like granite, it may require professional attention if damaged.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both soapstone and granite can be easily cleaned and maintained, although soapstone requires a little bit more effort. Granite is naturally stain resistant. Since some types of granite are more porous than others, it is best to test your granite countertop to determine whether it needs to be sealed. Cleaning up spills right away also helps inhibit staining. Soapstone is generally not porous, so it doesn't stain easily. Use a stone-safe neutral cleaner to wipe your soapstone or granite countertops each day. Soapstone tends to oxidize and darken with use, and to expedite this process, soapstone should be treated with mineral oil from time to time. Both types of stone should be professionally cleaned and maintained periodically.


Soapstone has a casual, rustic appearance, whereas granite has a more elegant, modern look. Granite comes in a variety of colors, speckles, and veining so it tends to be more popular among designers and homeowners. When it comes to soapstone, the design choices are more limited. It is available in grays, blacks, and greens, and has minimal veining or movement.

Price Range

Although each of these surface materials range in price, granite's low and high end ranges are wider, whereas the price of soapstone remains fairly consistent.

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This is one of a series of articles written and published on behalf of Surface Care PRO Partners.