New Trend: No More Bar Height Tops

New Trend: Saying Goodbye to Bar Height Tops

Many kitchen islands include a convenient place for casual dining, elevated six inches above the work/prep area, that is, a bar height countertop. The recent buzz among fabricators and installers is that they are noticing that more and more of their customers are opting to do away with bar height tops.

How Bar Height Tops Became Popular

As a result of homes with open floor plans, the bar height counter installation became popular, acting as a screen for the clutter and mess that often accompanies meal preparation and clean up, as well as a way to visually separate the kitchen from the living space in leu of an old-fashioned wall.

Diminishing Popularity of Bar Height Tops

Customers who choose to do away with bar height countertops usually cite reasons such as children having a hard time using the bar height seating, increased difficulty with clean up, and the tendency for bar tops to become a catch-all for mail, keys, and other clutter.

Pros and Cons of Bar Height Tops

If you are having new tops installed or considering altering your current set up, consider your options carefully. There are pros and cons for either option. Think about what matters most to you. Appearance? Functionality? If you need guidance in your decision, we are always here to help you weigh the pros and cons. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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